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Delivery / Pick Up and Drop Off Information

If you do not possess the exact pick up / drop off location, please contact us by either e-mailing or telephone. Our contact telephone numbers can be found on our Company websites or 
For train Station pick ups: the train arrival time is always required at least 1 hour prior to arrival.
For hotel deliveries: the name, address and telephone number of your hotel are needed. Please be advised that deliveries to a Hotel, Port, Airport and Railway Station location are on a request basis and their confirmation cannot be guaranteed.
Notably, a hotel delivery can be declined if the hotel is not 'within a reasonable distance' or if the arrival time falls outside the normal opening hours of the office, other than the hour selected online.


Out of Hours charges

If an "out of hours" service charge applies due to the selected times falling outside of normal working hours, it will be stated by either e-mail or telephone correspondence.

Delivery / Pick Up of the Hire Vehicle

The delivery/pick up information along with all the details of the local vehicle hire company (name, address, telephone number and exact meeting point instructions will be supplied by the hirer during the booking process.
For a hotel delivery/pick up, the vehicle will be delivered to your hotel and the representative from the hire company will meet you in the reception of the hotel. On some occasions you will be transferred by a shuttle service to the hire station. Any delivery / pick up or collection / drop off fees applicable to your booking are included in the price that was agreed at the time of booking, provided that you had stated a hotel delivery.
If you face any difficulties locally in finding the van/car hire company please call the local contact telephone numbers written on our website: "Contact/delivery information" or telephone Wicked Van Hire / Wicked Car Hire on the number +44 1584 872 398  or +44 7768 149 639 for assistance.
We strongly recommend that you carefully inspect the hire vehicle prior to leaving the hire station and have any existing scratches or damages clearly written on the car hire agreement before you start driving!

Return / Drop Off of the Hire Car

Your selected and confirmed drop off date, time and location will be written on your final confirmation sheet. Additional information/ instructions regarding the drop off will be given at the time of pick up. For your own benefit we strongly advise you to check the hire vehicle for any existing damages. Ensure that even the smallest of scratches or damage is noted on the check-out form you are given by the vehicle hire representative. Likewise, at the time of check in/return of the van, the same procedure should be followed.
If once the vehicle hire has begun and you wish to change any aspect of the drop off information (time etc), this will be handled locally by the vehicle hire company, please be advised that if the change is accepted by the rental company there may be an extra charge.

Period of hire

Hire days are calculated on a 24-hour basis, commencing at the time of collection.
Wicked Van/Car Hire allow up to a 1 hour delay in the return time without charging an extra day.
The one hour grace period is only valid at the time of booking. Any change in the drop off time after the hire has started will be handled locally by the hire company.

Amendments / Changes / Extensions

All amendments must be made by e-mail or telephone and confirmed by the hire Company. Credit card details are required to make the transaction. If the new order is confirmed you will be sent a new hire agreement and the original order will be cancelled. The total price of the amendment may vary so please check carefully before creating and completing it. It is very important that you read the new agreement as it is your responsibility to make sure the new details are correct.
Extension of the hire after the hire period has started can be done by contacting the hire Company. All extensions have to be confirmed by the vehicle hire Company. When an extension is confirmed it will be necessary for you to visit the hire station to renew the contract. The All Inclusive Insurance will only apply for the duration of the booked hire period. If no extension of the reservation was made through Wicked Van Hire / Car Hire then the Insurance does not apply.
Please note that if you wish to drop the vehicle off earlier than booked, the hire Company will not refund any amount for the unused days, this is entirely up to the hire company whether they decide to do so.
If, upon arrival at the hire office, you decide you don't want any extras or services originally booked (baby/child seats, additional drivers, etc), Wicked Van/Car Hire will not refund any amount for the unused extras / services.

In the event that you wish to cancel your booking after the hire has commenced and time has passed, Wicked Van/Car Hire will not refund any amount for the unused days or time, this is entirely the decision of the hire Company whether they decide to do so. All cancellations after the start of the hire period will be handled by the hire Company at your destination.
Note: No Refund will be made for no-show at the destination (meaning if you do not show up to take the vehicle) or the failure to produce the necessary documents required, early returns or cancellation after the hire start date.

Cancellation from the vehicle hire Company


On the rare occasion, that our hire Company is unable to fulfil and carry out the hire agreement (due to break-down etc.) Wicked Van/Car Hire will try to confirm your booking with another local supplier. If in the circumstance that no other supplier is able to confirm the booking then Wicked Van/Car Hire will cancel the reservation and refund all charges made. Notification of this will be made to you by both e-mail and phone call regarding the cancellation.


Driver 's age limits


Our policy covers drivers between the ages of 21 – 75 years old whom have either a clean UK/EU drivers licence or have up to a maximum of 9 penalty points on their licence at & during the time of hire. Anyone requiring a hire vehicle without these terms can apply to have a referral to the Insurance Company which will be either accepted or declined by either said Insurance Company or/and Wicked Van/Car Hire.
In some circumstances we may reduce the minimum and/or maximum age by paying an additional fee, the "under / over aged driver surcharge" or "young driver fee". This surcharge also applies to any additional drivers.
Detailed information regarding the age requirements can be enquired about at the Wicked Van/CarHire office in person, by telephone or by e-mail.

Driving Licence

In all locations the driver (and additional drivers) must produce a full valid driving licence in his/her name with no major endorsements and to have been held for a minimum of two to four years, this criteria will depend on the vehicle group selected. 
It is the sole responsibility of the named driver to make sure that he/she possesses the appropriate and necessary documents needed for the car hire.
No Refunds will be given for refused car hires due to the failure of producing the correct driving licences to the local car hire company.
Faxed or photocopied licences will not be accepted.



Wicked Van/Car Hire offers an insurance package which includes:
- Third party liability insurance, which covers third persons towards property damages and bodily injuries, offered exclusively by our hire company. Insurance coverage amounts are set by insurance laws of the country where the van is hired.

More information can be found on request at our office.

You may be asked to leave a deposit to the value of any insurance excess (damage or theft), which may be charged by our hire Company if the vehicle is damaged/stolen during the hire and the hirer is responsible.
Charges can also be made if the damage is proven not to be the fault of the hirer. Personal belongings stolen from the car are not covered by the insurance.
In case of theft / damage or accident, the hire company will charge the Insurance Excess to the customer’s credit card.
In case of theft, damage or accident, the police and the vehicle hire company must be informed immediately (contact details are always mentioned on the voucher and on the hire agreement). A police report is obligatory in case a third party is involved or theft. The police must issue a police report even when no third party is involved or if the car was damaged while it was parked. The police report is a legal document, which clarifies the circumstances under which the damage /accident occurred. For your own protection we highly recommend that you obtain a police report even for the smallest damage.
The vehicle must never be removed from the place of accident until the police report has been completed!
If an incident is not reported to the police and you don’t comply with the requirements under the country's law, all insurances lose their validity and you will be personally responsible for all costs.
The vehicle should be checked regularly for new damages (made, for example, when the vehicle was parked). In the case of new damage having been detected, the above procedure should be followed. Any unnoticed accident or damage to the vehicle may be interpreted as negligence and may result in a charge to the customer.
On the return of the vehicle, an accident report must be completed and signed with the hire company. If for any reason you do not agree with the damage mentioned on the accident report you have the right to refuse to sign it.

The Vehicle Hire Customer care team at Wicked Van/Car Hire can be contacted at or  or by telephone on +44 1584 872 398 or +44 7768 149 639 and the following documents must be sent to the hire Company by post:

- Police report.
- Accident report.
- Original hire agreement / contract.
- Credit card statement and receipts of payment.
- Pictures of the damaged car.
To Address :Wicked Car and Van Hire, Weeping Cross lane, Ludlow, Shropshire, England, SY8 1JH

These documents must be sent within 90 days of the hire end date, as it will not be possible to check the incident after this period.

The hire Company will have the right to pursue the hirer (financially or otherwise) if any of the above documents are missing or if the terms and conditions of the website have not been followed. For this reason you must strictly follow the procedure above.

Charges for damages to the parts mentioned below and the repair cost will be charged directly to the customer and are not refundable from Wicked Van/Car Hire: aerial, clutch, doorsill, gas cap, glass or plastic parts, lights, locks, roof, wheels, mirror, underside, interior of the car, damage incurred as a result of incorrect use of the car or gross negligence, water submersion or salt-water damage, hail damage, flat battery, loss/damage of registration plate and additional equipment provided with the car.
This also applies to charges for extreme dirtiness in a car, off road driving and the loss of car documents.
Loss or damage to keys will result in a £250.00 charge.
Local laws govern the terms and conditions of hiring vehicles and the hire contract signed on collection of the car is legally binding to the hirer.

Hire Documents

Your vehicle hire voucher must be presented when you collect your hire vehicle.
Wicked Van/Car Hire cannot be held responsible for refusal to provide the vehicle if the voucher is not presented.
Hire documents and all related receipts should be kept for a minimum of 28 days after the hire end date.
The hire agreement will only be written in English.

Vehicle type / suitability

Wicked Van/Car Hire will make every effort to reserve a specific type of vehicle, wherever this is possible but we are unable to guarantee a particular make or model of vehicle. However, when a vehicle category is named as DIESEL then a diesel vehicle is guaranteed.
Detailed information about the vehicle type / fuel can be found on the van/car hire page of the company websites.
Reservations can only be confirmed according to vehicle categories and not according to the vehicle model. The named vehicles serve ONLY as typical examples of the size, specifications and performance of a vehicle category.
Providing that the specifications of the vehicle offered by our hire Company match the specifications of the selected vehicle group, no refunds will be made in case the customer refuses to take the vehicle because it is not the exact same model as the example ones shown on our website.
The hire Company reserves the right to upgrade the selected vehicle category at the time of pick up to a higher one if the booked vehicle category is not available.
If you are in any way dissatisfied with the standard of your booked vehicle, you have to contact the hire company immediately. Such cases should be handled locally with the hire company. Failure to do so may result in any claims not being accepted or settled.
The Hire Company will rarely be able to handle complaints regarding the vehicle standard or performance or make any refunds after the hire period is over.



You will receive the van full of fuel. You must fill the van up with fuel prior to drop off (there is a fuel station just off the A49 approx 400 metres from the return address) ((you can ask for details at the Hire office)).
Failure to return the hire vehicle full of fuel will result in a charge of £2.50 per litre to fill up the remainder of the fuel tank. This will be charged to your credit card.
Detailed fuelling information will be mentioned at collection of the vehicle.
On collection of the vehicle we strongly recommend you check whether it uses petrol or diesel. Putting the incorrect fuel in the fuel tank of the vehicle will be classed as negligence and no insurance covers this. You will be held financially responsible.




All our vehicle day-rates are subject to a maximum mileage of 200 miles per day or to a maximum of 1000 miles per week.

Anyone (hirer) returning a vehicle with additional mileage will be charged at a rate of 25p per mile on every mile over and above the allowable quantity.


Number of Passengers

It is very important that you check very carefully the vehicle group specifications ( person and luggage capacity) during the booking process because the hire Company cannot accept any responsibility if the vehicle is not big enough to fit all passengers and luggage at the point of pick up.

Provision of Vehicles

Our van/car hire Company has the right to refuse to supply the hire vehicle if in their opinion the customer is unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements.
Our hire Company can also refuse to provide a vehicle to any customer who arrives at their office more than 2 hours later than the confirmed pick up time, as written on the agreement.
In these circumstances the agreement with the hire Company will be terminated immediately and Wicked Van/Car Hire will have no further liability to the customer and no refund will be due.



Wicked Van/Car Hire accepts no liability for actual hires that do not take place due to reasons for which the hirer is solely responsible.
Such reasons are, for example:
- Failure to present a driving licence (and International Driving Licence where necessary) or presenting a driving licence which has expired or is not valid.
- Failure to present national insurance number
- Failure to present a valid payment card in the name of the main driver on the booking. 
-The non-compliance of the regulations in respect of the minimum or maximum age of the driver.
Please be advised that the hire of the vehicle is subject to the law of the country where the hire takes place.
Local laws govern the terms and conditions of hiring vehicles and the hire contract signed on collection of the vehicle is legally binding to the hirer.
All reservations are made through Wicked Van Hire or Wicked Car Hire and all coupons and vouchers are issued by the company in their role as hirer for the principals providing the respective services.

Consequential loss

Wicked Van/Car Hire is not responsible for indirect losses which occur as a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not foreseeable by the customer and Wicked Van/Car Hire (such as loss of profits or loss of opportunity).

Force Majeure


Wicked Van/Car Hire shall not be responsible for either a failure to perform or a delay in performing any of its obligations under or pursuant to this booking if and in so far as performance is delayed, hindered or prevented by force majeure which expression shall mean any event beyond the reasonable control of Wicked Van/Car Hire. In case of Force Majeure the reservation and all insurances become invalid.

Special requests

Navigation System - GPS:
Are available and must be ordered at the time of booking.
Navigation System - GPS is subject to availability, meaning that even if you book it with the hire Company, there might not be one available upon your arrival at your destination. In such a case, you will not be charged for the Navigation System - GPS by the hire Company.

Across the border hires

Wicked Van/Car Hire provides coverage only within the Country (Great Britain) where the hire vehicle is picked up (this includes Scotland, Wales & England)

Towing (a trailer, caravan or any other towable object) is not allowed with any vehicle hired by Wicked Van/Car Hire (even if there is a tow-bar on the vehicle) unless confirmed in writing by the hire Company and approved by the Insurance Company. Insurance will be invalidated if the process is not adhered to.

Ferrying the rented van


Domestic is allowed but it must be requested at the Hire Office. Any extra cost involved will be paid by the hirer.
You must inform the vehicle hire Company that you wish to take the vehicle on a ferry and this must be accepted by the hire Company in writing and accepted by the Insurance Company.
Note that no insurance covers the vehicle for damages or theft occurred while on the ferry, therefore, all damage/thefts will be paid for by the hirer.
Please ask for more information regarding 'ferrying' at the Hire office.

Additional drivers


One additional driver is offered at no charge. The option to accept the additional driver is at the discretion of the hire Company, any costs applicable to the request will be payable prior to the start of the vehicle hire by the hirer. The additional driver must supply a valid drivers licence & comply with the same rules/restrictions/agreement as the main driver.

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Complaints will not be handled over the Telephone or by Live Support, only via e-mail communication and should be sent along with all related hire documents and receipts to or 
The hire Company aims to resolve complaints within 40 days of receipt thereof. Some complaints may take longer than 40 days as the time depends on the nature of the issue and information provided.
The hire Company can only consider complaints that reach them within 40 days of the final day of hire to which the hire voucher/agreement refers.
Actions against the hire Company are restricted to the laws that occur within the jurisdiction of the local courts. Actions against our vehicle hire partners are restricted by the governing laws within the jurisdiction of the vehicle hire's Country courts.
Wicked Van/Car Hire will not accept any complaints or make any refunds should the General and Local Terms & Conditions of our website and the vehicle hire agreement not be followed. The General and Local Terms and Conditions of Wicked Van/Car Hire are subject to change without notice.

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